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What is FashionHaunt?

FashionHaunt® is one stop shop for selling and buying clothes online. It is an innovative online marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of new and gently used Clothing, Accessories, Jewelry and Costumes for men, women, and children. Members from around the world can join the site to sell and buy clothes and accessories making it a global platform. Therefore, this global platform allows a healthy competition for the sellers while providing various options for the buyers. Sellers have an avenue to post their items and monetize on clothing and accessories. Another advantage of using FashionHaunt®, is the listings can be posted free of charge. A 3% flat rate charge is applied however, only if the listed item is sold. Payment is processed using a very secure method called PayPal. The sellers and buyers can use their existing PayPal account to buy and sell. On FashionHaunt® you can leave feedback for your transaction, which provides a tool with which to build a trusted community. FashionHaunt®'s Wardrobe will also provide a place for people to buy traditional Indian, Japanese, Irish, etc, apparel and accessories at a fraction of the cost. With this new category for traditional outfits, FashionHaunt® aims to expand it's global reach and provide a new market for traditional apparel for its members, therefore, don't hesitate to email us at category@fashionhaunt.com, if you do not see your traditional clothing options on the site. Using FashionHaunt® you can not only sell brand new clothing but also gently used clothing to community. Join today and become a part of our global community.